Flintlock Rifle by Keith Casteel

Extraordinary Contemporary Flintlock Rifle, by Keith Casteel, West Virginia, .54 cal., 34" octagonal barrel, 49" overall, double set triggers, full-length walnut stock.  Rifle with numerous high relief and engraved inlays that appear to be sterling silver, including several game scenes, most depicting elk, as well as floral and acorn-shaped decorative inlays; hunting dog to the bottom ramrod ferrule.  High relief scene to all edges of the buttplate, the top edge showing female with bow and arrow, hunting dogs, and reads "Diana"; back edge shows female huntress and large elk.  Top of wrist with silver Coat of Arms and marked with a cursive "L".  Top of barrel engraved "K. Casteel" and shows other floral engraving, as well as silverwork, including base of rear sight.  No detail was overlooked in the making of this rifle, as all screw heads show light engraving, as well as light engraving to the folding cleaning tip holder on the inside of the wooden patchbox.  Breech with single gold band; blade front sight with bone insert and open rear sight.  Bottom edge of hammer with what appears to be a female face in gold.   Stock with several scroll and vine relief carvings to both sides of buttstock and patchbox; additional relief carvings to patchbox, upper tang and triggerguard.  Condition is excellent, appearing as new, showing only minimal marks from handling.  Silver pieces with mild toning.  Top of hammer and lower tang near the set screw and trigger with a small amount of surface rust that should easily clean.  The highest quality contemporary that we have encountered.  Keith Casteel is known for making rifles for such celebrities as Charlton Heston, and has produced roughly 300 rifles in total.  Est.:  $6,000-$8,000.  (Antique)

January 2017 Auction: Lot #456 

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